Movin’ On Up

Two weeks ago, the apartment search ended. Not in the way that I expected it to end, or where for that matter, but after twenty apartments I can finally quit wondering if I will wind up homeless.

The bad news is that I will be moving out of Düsseldorf.

The good news is, I found a place inside of this stunning old Krefeld house, built in 1899.

That means that this beauty has seen – and survived – two world wars. In Germany, that’s no small feat! The hallway inside still has the original tiles, wrought iron design on the entrance door, and ornate wooden rails. It’s just lovely, including my place in this building:

For my American friends, yes the kitchen is empty because I have to buy one. Why? Because for some reason, people in Germany like adding another expensive hassle on top of the already major pain in the ass that is moving.

However, I do have some ideas to make it an awesome kitchen, and I will be keeping this blog up to date on its progress.

Anyway, this place is 82 square meters, which is a sizable place for Europe. It has high ceilings, a huge (albeit empty) kitchen, a brand new bathroom, and a nice big terrace.

FYI, that is not my chair and table, I think it belongs to the workers who are doing the renovations.

My plants are going to be so happy, and oh, the summer brunches, dinner parties and writing group meetings that I will host in this place. I cannot wait!

Also, because of the gorgeous high ceilings, I feel the urgent need to get a giant Christmas tree this year. Because I can.

Some people have asked me if Carlos will be moving in with me, and the answer to that question is sadly, no. The pandemic has forced his boss to put him on Kurzarbeit (short working hours), so he does not have the means to move at this time. I would have waited, but unfortunately my hand was forced into this move by my soon-to-be former landlord’s greed. Luckily, the same day I received the rent increase letter from her, I also got my German tax return, which was more than enough to pay the deposit on a new place. I guess I should be glad they synced up like that, rather than having spent my tax money on something stupid that wouldn’t help me in this situation.

Anyway, I have to keep packing and cleaning. Stay tuned!